Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Table top II

Since I don't know if the objects should be clearly recognizables and my previous post was of almost abstract photos I post a more classic approach.

Table top

Natural window light

Selective focus

Everything in focus

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scannography - Le musée des horreurs

Web Research

The Virgin Dolls 2 by Jess Knox

Well, what can I say? after doing some research on scannography (or scanography) in the internet I realized the potential of being creative with this tool. Being a huge fan of horror I decided to explore that side. I am posting only a few images that came as a result of a couple of hours playing and experimenting with my scanner, still I apologize if there are too many. I will continue this experimentation in order to create a good group of images (another thing to do in the winter break).

So welcome to my scanography museum of horrors, I hope you'll enjoy the show

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative portrait

For my creative portrait I decided to go for the horizontal framing, also I placed the head in the middle of the frame which by the way i kept in the 2:3 ratio. The lighting consisted of two 500 watts tungsten lamps, one pointing directly to Erica but with a diffuser and the second one reflected in a white panel to fill the shadows.

I tried many things for this creative portrait, from people in Halloween costumes to uncommon backgrounds but at the end decided to chose this quite simple portrait of Erica smiling as if it was her birthday. I think it represents quite good her personality because every time I have seen her she's smiling in a sweet way.

Classical Portrait

  1. Short light and reflector
  2. Triangle nose shadow
  3. Catch lights
  4. Shoulders turned
  5. Head tilted
  6. Eyes 1/3 down from top of frame
  7. Head & shoulder composition
  8. Grey background
  9. Top of head in picture
  10. 4:5 aspect ratio
  11. Camera at nose height

Light patterns

split light

short light without fill

short light with fill