Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back in Time II (Barber Shop and Bakery)

Finally I found a nice looking barber shop with an owner willing to pose and a friendly pastry cook, so at least one half of the assignment was accomplished. I am happy with the result, specially the barbershop, unfortunately I didn't have time to scan the other shot I did at the barbershop.

Again these photos were taken with my rollei and the old flash. I wanted to emulate the look of the photographs of August Sander, so I tried to show the workers posing, looking at the camera and sourrounded by their enviroment.


I like the pose but unfortunately it is hard to tell it is a bakery.

36 degrees

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back in time I (Library and Record Store)

First results of the "old film camera - old flash" team. Definitely I am planning of using just film for this assignment, so it will be easier to emulate the photos of Sander and Evans.


I won't have the time to do the project I wanted for this Wednesday. I will post it next week if I finish it. However here are some shots I did on the last days.

A small series of parents carrying their children

And finally black and white

Not quite happy with these photos since they don't really are a project but that is the price to pay when you are lazy and it is the end of the term.

Bakery and Barbershop

Well... not really a barbershop or bakery shot but rather a record store, and even if it may seem old at first with the LPs hanging on the wall the PC is too present.

First try with flash in an environmental portrait. Not happy at all. More to come soon (hopefully.)

Copy Shop - Virgil Widrich

Since a lot of us did a stop motion video for the camera works final project I thought that it was worth sharing this amazing short film that was introduced to me some years ago.

Check it out, 11 minutes of your life well invested.


360 mont royal