Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More enviromental shots

Here are more environmental portraits.

Jessica after doing her intervention piece of art in an abandoned building

Bike shop on Parc Ave.

Hat workshop at Boul. St Laurent

Quarterly & Drawn Library on Bernard St.

Depanneur Bernard

At Work

First try of enviromental self-portrait

Enviromental Portraits

Here is my environmental self-portrait. After trying a couple of places I decided to do it in my room.

At first it was really difficult to me to ask people who were working to pose a few seconds for me, since I am more used to "steal" candid images, but after a couple of portraits I began to become more confident about it and now I plan to continue doing environmental portraits of people working in my neighborhood.

Store on Parc Ave.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Web Research - Portrait

For this assignment I chose "Marta" by Andrzej Dragan, a polish photographer who is famous for his portraits. In this portratit of Marta, a model suffering from anorexia, he deals with a serious subject in a respectful way. Dragan shows her in a dignifying pose, even though she's exposing her problems. The contrast between the calm and beautiful face and the sick body is what is more striking and the viewer can help thinking about the unreal beauty parameters that rule our world.

In what refers to the visual aspect of the photograph the selection of colors which give the sensation of tranquility but at the same time some feeling of decay, like if this was shot in some Egyptian ruins. As I mentioned before the pose is dignifying, a classic pose giving emphasis to the hands.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More moments

I just want to share some moments that didn't make it because they were took a week or two before the assignment started, because the "moment" was not what attracted me the most or the composition wasn't good.


Some shots that weren't shown from last tuesday's exercise. I really enjoyed the horror-like shots and I wish to revisit that theme in future. And thanks to my two excellent models, actually they were the ones who should get the credit for the photos.