Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I must admit that I didn't invest as much time as I'd wished but here are the results. Not strong shots but I think at least there were some moments captured.

Last weekend I went to the Juste Pour Rire museum to see the World Press Photo expo and I found that there was another exposition being shown at the same time who caught my attention named "Anthropography". The exposition deals with delicate themes and the images are often shocking and very graphic. In the photo a mother tries to explain the photos to her young daughter who maybe was exposed to this kind of images for the first time in her life. Due to low light conditions the image is a little blur and with some noise.

The lack of time forced me to follow the suggestion of taking pictures of people we know. My friend and his children were watching TV but they were really tired, so after some minutes it was easy to catch them in this position.

I photographed this old couple on a Saturday morning on Parc avenue. I like their expressions, tough I find the background too distracting.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Low light portraits

Here are some photos of the Studio session with bad light. It was difficult for me to do this exercise not only because the low light made it hard to get sharp images, but also because it's one of the first times somebody models for me. So here are the results and thanks to Sarah for being so patient.

Using tripod

Hand held

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Magnum Photographer - Christopher Anderson

After looking at all the photographers in the Magnum website I couldn't decide for a favorite one. So I narrowed my search to the "new" photographers choosing Christopher Anderson. He's a photographer who fulfills all the characteristics a Magnum photographer must have: amazing composition, ability to capture the moment, involvement with the subjects he's photographing, important themes, etc. Also one of the main reasons he was my final choice is that he has great photographs both in color and b&w, a characteristic I think all the modern photographers should have.

In this photo Christopher Anderson shows a Taliban fighter inside a car camouflaged with mud. I really strikes me how the fighter looks like a painting of a religious icon, and it's only after reading the caption that the photos reveals the reality. So the photograph works at many levels. A surreal photograph which at the same time is a documentary one all in a beautiful image.

Again a beautiful image working in different levels. An almost abstract image of a market in Kaboul. With perfect balance between the blue and brown colors, Anderson shows us a common activity (buying food) and tells us about the style of living in Afghanistan, plastic bags, burkhas, poverty but also dignity.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

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